Tailor-made for the fashion industry

  • Our partner K3

    K3 fashion is a concept-to-consumer solution, embedded in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, and further enhanced to meet the unique and exacting needs of the fashion and apparel enterprises.

  • Fast and flexible

    Our solution guarantees an efficient handling of multiple product dimensions in one, all-up view. It supports a quick order entry & editing via a fast and flexible matrix and simplifies working procedures through an aggregated view, set up with user-defined parameters.

  • Made for your industry

    Our solution covers: pre-season planning for collections, in-season planning with open-to-buy information, controlling availability of items and variants over the different processes, insight in original order quantities versus invoiced order quantities, support for controlled delivery drops per season.

  • Resource planning

    Microsoft technology in combination with K3 assures real-time visibility into all processes, centralized and accurate data, integration with mission critical point solutions, reduced complexity and increased efficiency.